MedScope Contact Information has core manufacturing and development competencies in Lenti Vector, Gene Therapy, Monoclonal Antibody, Immunotherapy, and Small Molecule Development, both from a CMC and Medical perspective. Additionally, MedScope can provide scale up, launch, and regulatory support, as well as operational support towards a successful PAI, PPQ, and post commercial launch process improvements. MedScope is a rapid development organization, and in most instances can initiate value-based discussions within 24 hours. Please contact us at 802-236-8650 or 

MedScope Process Development & Clinical/Commercial Operations is a leader in rapidly developing state-of-the-art QbD manufacturing technologies, with core experties in continuously manufactured products with integreated PAT feedback and feedforward controls. Additionally MedScope can lead process development utilizing both single use and stainless use components. Additionally, MedScope has substantial commercialization expertise, and can help quickly scale QbD documentation (protocols, BPR, specs, test methods, equipment qualification, reulatory control strategies, technology transfers, equipment acquisition and qualification, PPQ, etc.), and complete successful PAI and launch. Additionally, MedScope has strong competency in Quality and Regulatory Sciences, and can rapidly aid in development, filing, and interaction with various  regulatory bodies worldwide. Additionally, MedScope can oversee both small and large scale remote outsourcing at favored contract manufacturing facilities. Last, MedScope has core worldwide capabilities in Medical Affairs and Clinical Development (including Rare Disease, Pediatric Exclusions, Breakthrough Therapies), throughout all stages of development and commercialization. 

MedScope cGMP CDMO Operations operates by development phase(pre clinical, IND enabling, clinical development, commercial), by service (process development, analytical, manufacturing CMC, facilities and site audits, regulatory scienes, quality, medcial affairs, sales and marketing, political advocacy, computational biology), and by disease (oncology, immunology, immuno-oncology, infectious disease). MedScope is a fully functional cGMP operation, and can quickly can oversee and/or implement custom CDMO closed system DOE/Clinical/Manufacturing trials. 

Regulatory Science excels at providing rapid, intuitive Regulatory expertise, particulary in the process sciences and in particular in the Lenti/AAV, and Monoclonal Antibody Space (including Biosmilars). Whether you are seeking pre-IND support, Phase II/III Support, Biosimilar Support, MedScope can quickly help develop core cGMP control strategies, Development Reports, etc., as well as strategize regulatory planing in order to balance development and regulatory risk with clinical risk. 

Analytical Development/Process Analytics
​ can review and/or provide a wide range of comprehensive range of high-quality analytical assays to characterize protein therapeutics. Whether characterizing the original or subsequent reference standards, evaluating production lots to those standards or performing comparability studies of biosimilars or biobetters, we have the full-range of methodologies available to provide the detailed analysis required to pass scientific and worldwide regulatory standards. Areas of supporting expertise include Lenti (Using HEK293T Cells), and AAV Vectors, Viral Clearance/Inactivation, Assay /Bioassay Development, Protein Characterization, and Cell Line Characterization. Technical and regulatory expertise inlcude virology, molecular biology, cell biology, in-life and microbiology labs to provide high-quality and comprehensive CLC services. ICH and NMPA (previously CFDA) guidelines. The methods we work with are harmonized with global standards (e.g. ICH, EP, USP, JP, CN). 

Manufacturing and ComOps
​ can oversee outsourced enterprise manufacturing operations, and can quickly scale out closes system modules sith SU support to suit your manufacturing needs. This capability is supported by an entire cGMP suite of SOP's, BPR's, Protocols, Training Modules, Equipment Qualification Protocols,  and Quality Event Tracking. MedScope also partners with several partners in order to provide a wide range of cGMP test services including Immunoassays(ELISA: high throughput to determine antibody specificity/sensitivity to target antigens), Western Blotting, Multiplexed Bead-based Assays), Stability Indicating Assays(SE-HPLC, IEX-HPLC or cIEF, CE-SDS, and Potency Assays), Chromatography(Protein G, Size Exclusion), etc. 

​ is rapidly scaling -up,-out, state of the art (Continuous, SU, PAT, Closed) cGMP manufacturing facilities for the production of biologics (Lenti, AAV, Monoclonal and Bispecific Antibodies, Fusion Proteins, Monoclonal Antibodies (via either Myeloma-Mouse B Cell, or Lenti-CHO Transfection)). MedScope has a strong biologics facilities expertise, as well as deep experience in FDA Site Inspections. 

Quality and Documentation
​ is highly experienced in developing cGMP documentation, including BPR's, Protocols, Forms, SOP's, Qualification Documents, Tech Transfer Reports, etc. More importantly, MedScope has tremendous experience integrating Quality Operations plant-wide with Regulatory, Development, Manufacturing, QC & Analytical, and Sales and Marketing. MedScope can also provide site regulatory/quality audits, facilities inspections, audit pre-approval inspections (PAI), as well as new cGMP equipment (both test and manufacturing) acquisition and qualification.

Sales & Marketing
Please contact MedScope for further information.

Politcal Advocacy
​ is an active political advocate enterprise integrating the many new medical technologies with political advocacy groups.

Computational Nucleotide/Polypeptide Modelling
​Please contact MedScope for further information.

How To Reach Us is a rapid development organization, and in most instances can initiate and address a wide range of value-based discussions within 24 hours. Our teams and wide technological network in the biopharmaceutical industry enables us to quickly bring substantial knowledge and problem solving skills to help you quickly solve problems. For rapid response, please contact us at 802-236-8650 or  - BioProcess Consultants
        QbD/CMC/cGMP Consultants in Gene Therapy, CRSPR, Immunotherapy, LentiVector, mAb Development: Inception to Commercialization & Launch

   Commercial Operations

- LentiVector Development
- Cell Line Development/Mnftr
- Continuous Manufacturing
- Process Analytics (PAT)
- DOE, Multivariate Design
- Scale-Up,-Out,-Down
- Development Protocols
- Equipment
- Single Use
- Strategic De-risk

Regulatory Science
- CMC Development
- Comparability Studies
- Device Design Controls

Analytical Development
- Bioanalytic
- Assays(Immuno/PK)
- Product/Impurity
- SU Extractables/Leachables

- CMO/Med Affairs
- Preclinical Development
- Clinical Development
- CMC/Commercial Develop
- Rare Disease
- Pediatric 
- Breakthrough Therapies

Manufacturing and ComOps
- Capital Equipment
- BSL-2, ISO7
- Closed Manufacturing
- Suppliers
- Tech Transfer

Facilities & Locations
- Cambridge, MA
- Burlington,VT

- Documentation
- WIFI Controls 
- BPR, Protocols, 
- Audits, PAI, 

Sales & Marketing
- Global Strategic Pricing
- General Management
- Strategic Plan
- Market Plans
- Alliance Management

Political Advocacy, GT
- One-time Therapy $Models
- FDA Realignement
- Workforce
- Expansion/Development
- Regs Patient Bedside Mnftr

U.S. Defense
- Biologics Rapid Tech
- Rapid Monitor
- Biologics Rapid Response

  Protein/DNA Modelling
- Process Capability
- Remote Real ime OPC/OLE

Welcome to MedScope Technologies ( offers a full range of rapid global CMC, Regulatory, and Medical consulting services through all phases of cGMP development, from early pre-clinical development (including in vivo murine models for rapid CAR-T, Gene Therapy product and process development) through IND, NDA, Submission, Commercialization, and post approval tech support. Please note MedScope does NOT provide services in the transdermal or topical delivery space.